Job Opportunities for Life Coaches

by Barbra on January 5, 2010

Job opportunities for life coaches normally involve being self-employed or working for a coaching firm.  Although an increasing number of organizations hire in-house life coaches, those job opportunities for life coaches are rare.

There are several different ways to begin a career as a life coach. Many people choose to start their own life coaching business on a full-time basis. Others choose to do it on a part-time basis, and still others get involved with coaching simply to boost results within their current job.

Taking life coach training is incredibly rewarding, in that you learn communication skills that will help you in all areas of your life.  And the practice of life coaching – helping clients overcome a personal obstacle or attain an important life goal – is extremely satisfying.  This is what you can expect on a regular basis if you choose to become a life coach.

As a self-employed life coach, you will typically meet with clients in-person or over the telephone on a weekly basis.  In fact, the majority of life coaches meet with clients on the telephone. This is a popular and viable way to deliver coaching services, but there are many other ways. For example:

• Group coaching
• Coaching franchise
• Workshops and retreats
• Print, audio or video courses
• Email coaching
• Instant messaging coaching
• Coaching membership site
• Teleclasses
• Writing and speaking

In addition, there are lots of ways to coach without actually having the title “coach”. Many people get coaching skills training in order to be more effective in their main job – whether that is as a parent, mentor, manager, or even something as seemingly unrelated as a doctor or a salesperson.

Is a career as a life coach for you? First, ask yourself if you enjoy working  independently, and if you have what it takes to start a small business (because that’s what you’ll most likely be doing). These are all things which are possible when you become a life coach, but of course you need to realize that starting a life coaching business presents some challenges.  In order to motivate others, you yourself also need to be motivated!

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